Page last updated on 3 October 2023 [change log].


Mastodon Links
A collection of useful links related to Mastodon.

Getting Started With Mastodon
A short tutorial of the basic functions of Mastodon. The whole tutorial is available as text, and the same information is also presented in a more visually appealing form (read: eye candy) as nine infographics.

The Phone Analogy
a.k.a. Why Are There So Many Servers? What is a Mastodon server, what does it do, how do they differ from each other and how to choose one. And why are there so many apps?!

How to Mastodon: Visibility Levels
What's the difference between Public, Unlisted, Followers Only and Mentioned People Only? What's the point of tagging your posts?

How to Mastodon: Opening Links
Opening linked Mastodon posts so that you are logged in and can interact with them.

Izzy Canyon Group on Mastodon
A short tutorial on what Mastodon group accounts are and how they work, followed by specific information regarding the Izzy Canyon group.

Comparing Mastodon and Twitter
A comparison between several features of Mastodon and Twitter (PDF).

This Is Not a Story About Hanging Out in Bars
Why we should be brave and just try out Mastodon, instead of clinging on to Twitter.

Other Tutorials

Getting Started With Pillowfort
A guide for new users, focusing on the very basics of Pillowfort.


Fandom PSAs
A collection of Ye Olde Fandom Rules as plain text and also infographics. Contains the following:

Be Kind
Because it bears repeating, I made separate infographics of each bullet point of the Be Kind Fandom PSA.

Fandom Vocabulary
Fandom terms explained, both as plain text and as infographics. Currently contains the following:

Terms Related to "Shipping" and Their Usage
Text and infographics explaining how proshippers and antis each use the following terms:

Fandom Wank & Discourse Bingo Charts
We keep having the same conversations, so why not play some bingo while we're at it?